Should I Replace My Old CCTV System Or Upgrade To HD-Over-Coax?

If you have an existing CCTV system utilizing coaxial cable and are considering paying your security service provider to replace the whole system, you may want to re-consider.

Depending on your needs, you may be just fine utilizing HD-over-Coax technology. This will allow you to re-use the existing cabling which often times can be a large percentage of the cost of your CCTV system.

What is HD-over-Coax ?

HD-over-Coax is a fairly new video standard which allows for the transmission of HD video over coaxial cable. Therefore, you can implement an HD system using the same coax cables that your existing analog system is running on. This allows you to enjoy 1080p HD video over the same cables which previously gave you grainy footage, saving you the cost of completely replacing your whole video surveillance system. HD-over-Coax is the best option for upgrading existing systems from standard definition to high definition, offering longer transmission via coaxial cable and lower total cost. To determine whether or not HD-over-Coax will meet your security needs we just need to ask you a few questions. Call 1-800-286-2555 for a consultation.


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The difference between standard and encrypted access cards

by Charles Baker, CEO California Commercial Security

Critical improvements in security technology prevent the duplication of access cards


Standard Access Cards:

The tried & true proximity technology inside standard cards and key fobs is an old method using a unidirectional relationship between an access credential (card or fob) and a proximity reader. When a credential is presented to a proximity reader, an internal chip is energized and sends its data to the reader. The reader then transmits the data to the controller.

Today it is easy and inexpensive to use a 3rd party product or service to read and duplicate standard proximity credentials.

Encrypted Access Cards:

Encrypted access cards employ bidirectional communication between the access credential and the reader that requires mutual authentication. This handshake authenticates the relationship between the card and the reader via an encrypted key before releasing the actual card data,  after which the reader transmits the data to the controller.

This bi-directional verification eliminates the unauthorized duplication described above,  and represents one of the most effective card technologies available today.

Manufacturers are constantly evolving their security technology in response to ongoing pressures in the marketplace from bad actors. At CCS we are doing our part to educate our clients and encourage the adoption of newer and safer technologies. We only install card readers with new encrypted technology.

California Commercial Security has been serving the San Diego community for over 15 years and we have installed hundreds of card readers, serving thousands of users. If you’re interested in learning more about access control in your facility, please give us a call (800-286-2555) or contact us here.

The Copper Landline Phase Out Is Coming

by Ken Robison, Vice President, COO California Commercial Security

The Age of Copper is Coming to an End

Under AB 2395, phone companies have until 2020 to educate the public about alternative phone services when they will be allowed to discontinue service to copper landlines as long as there are alternate sources available in the area. Even before 2020, many copper lines are experiencing degradation and sometimes even complete loss of service. This has serious implications for any fire or burglar alarm system that is utilizing standard POTS telephone lines for communications.

Although there is still two years left until copper phone lines will be almost entirely removed from service, it is never too early to start investigating alternatives. Landlines can be unreliable, and anything from lightning and fires to simple degradation of infrastructure can cause extended periods without service. The infrastructure for copper landlines has been deteriorating as telecommunications providers invest the bare minimum and employ fewer linemen to keep this dying network going until 2020.

What can you do?

California Commercial Security offers multiple service upgrades that are more reliable than the degrading landline network. Your system can be upgraded with a cellular communicator, a network communicator, or a dual path communicator which employs both cellular and network communications.  CCS has served the San Diego business community for nearly 25 years and we have upgraded numerous systems for our clients. If you’re interested in learning more about alternative communication services for your facility, please give us a call (800-286-2555) or contact us here.

Does a Video Surveillance System Help?

by Charlie Baker, CEO California Commercial Security

Video Surveillance As Part Of A Comprehensive Security Plan


A well-designed video surveillance system can serve as an effective deterrent and also provide vital forensic information after an incident. A quality HD system may also provide valuable insights that influence important operational and functional changes. Following are several additional advantages provided by our video surveillance system including some that you might not have been aware of.

1. Entry/Exit Security

An ideal location for visual deterrence is at your facility’s entry and exit points. Prominently placed cameras provide a clear deterrent for any potential thieves and also communicate a positive atmosphere of security to customers, clients, and employees. Cameras at these locations add an extra layer of security to an access control system.

2. Record-Keeping And Audit Trails 

A video surveillance system maintains a helpful video audit trail of entry and exit information so that you know who entering and exiting your facility. When used in conjunction with other security systems like access control, video records can also be reviewed and compared to see who was present during an incident. A video record may be a component of compliance requirements for your industry or company.

3. Foster Compliance And Efficiency

IP-networked video surveillance systems can be placed in warehouses and backrooms to support an organization’s ability to effectively manage business operations and increase efficiency. Beyond deterring theft, these systems can help businesses ensure that employees are following safety protocols and working effectively as well as provide a record should liability become an issue.


California Commercial Security has served the San Diego community for nearly 25 years and we have installed thousands of cameras serving many hundreds of clients. If you’re interested in learning more about video surveillance for your facility, please give us a call (800-286-2555) or contact us here.

Four Reasons a Life Science Startup Needs Access Control

by Charlie Baker, CEO California Commercial Security

The Life Science Security Struggle

When you work at a startup, the entire team comes in every day with a laser focus on one thing—developing the next medical breakthrough. With such a strong focus on your core objective, it’s easy to put off or neglect other essential aspects of your business, specifically physical security. When we say “physical security”, we’re not talking about armed security guards or angry guard dogs. We’re referring to the technology and systems that you use to keep your building, labs, equipment, and people safe and secure from both internal and external threats.

As you grow, and at any size, it’s always important to have and maintain the appropriate level of access control to monitor and record who is accessing your equipment, intellectual property, and facility, and when they are doing it.

If your team is still using standard/mechanical keys and locks, (or a guard dog) here are four compelling reasons for you and your team to upgrade to an access control system.

1. Improved Security: Keep up with the bad guys

Security technology improves every year, and so do the technologies that threaten your security. For example, there are cell phone apps today that can scan and copy mechanical keys within 30 seconds. Mechanical locks are less secure today than they’ve ever been. Access control technology can truly secure your facility.

2. Stronger Record-keeping: Critical audit trail 

An Access Control system maintains an audit trail of entry & exit information so that you always know who is in your building and when. Records can also be reviewed to see who was in a facility in case of incidents. This record keeping is necessary for companies with compliance requirements.

3. Scalability: System can grow with you

As your company grows, so can your Access Control System. Adding security for new suites is not too different from adding an additional phone to your VOIP system.

4. Focus on your Purpose: Make science happen

Our hosted access control solution makes security simple so you can focus on making science happen. Our security solutions also include apps that allow you to control your security system from anywhere.


California Commercial Security has been serving the San Diego Life Science community for over 15 years and we have installed hundreds of card readers, serving thousands of users. If you’re interested in learning more about access control in your facility, please give us a call (800-286-2555) or contact us here.

Take advantage of the NEW $1 million tax benefit by investing in security and life safety measures

Are you eligible for $1million in tax deductions?

Businesses have been always been able to deduct business-related equipment placed in service, but security systems did not qualify – now they do. Beginning in 2018, the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act  allows qualifying businesses to deduct the full cost of new “Security and Fire Protections Systems,”up to $1 million. Prior to passage of the Act, companies had to be depreciate the system cost over a period of up to 39 years. The legislation was passed to encourage businesses that are considering capital investments in this critical area and promote industry investment.

The Security Industry Association (SIA) worked with industry groups to expand deductions under Section 179 of the IRS tax code which empowers businesses to deduct the full purchase price of qualifying equipment and/or software purchased or financed during the tax year. The revised tax code permanently expands eligibility for deductions to fire protection, alarm, and security systems along with other equipment placed in service in 2018 and beyond.

Talk to your accounting partner to understand the impact this could have on your business.

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CCS & Fairway Technologies

We are pleased to announce that California Commercial Security has been selected by Fairway Technologies, a software development firm based in Irvine with a second office in San Diego, to provide their security integration solutions.

Working with the Fairway Technologies team, CCS System Sales Engineer Emma Bowlin was able to devise a security solution tailored to the company’s needs.

New Access Card Duplication Kiosks Pose Security Threats

The Problem

More than 30 self-service key duplication kiosks have been installed at convenience stores and supermarkets in San Diego. These kiosks offer an inexpensive and easy-to-use “card or fob” duplication service. The service has been tested and fully functional duplicate cards and key fobs were received.



What does this mean?

Individuals with standard proximity RFID cards/fobs can easily purchase duplicate cards/fobs without your authorization or knowledge. This service undermines the intent and security of card access systems. It means a system may have unknown quantities of duplicate cards in use.

What can you do?

Call us at (858) 503-7500 or email at

We have developed a solution to upgrade your system and make sure your facility is secure. Customers can move to advanced credential technologies that use the latest encryption accepted by the academic community and international standards for much stronger protection against cryptographic attacks. HID Global credentials that support SEOS technology provide state-of-the-art cryptography for mutual authentication and data encryption. This technology protects the privacy of contactless communications and ensures no traceable credential identifier is exchanged during card sessions, which prevents data associated to a given card from being divulged or cloned.

We are alerting all of our clients immediately about this emerging issue due to the serious security risks it represents.

We hope this information is helpful and encourage you to call (858) 503-7500 or your systems consultant for more information.

Arcturus Therapeutics

CCS has been selected to provide security for Arcturus Therapeautics’ new San Diego research facility.

Unlike their “old” solution with on-site software, the new Kantech Hattrix hosted solution allows the Arcturus team to manage their system in ways that fit their schedule and business.

Arcturus Therapeutics

CCS continues to provide tailored security solutions to the Southern California Life Sciences community.

CCS & Rady Childrens Physician Management Services

We are pleased to have completed a new Kantech hosted card entry solution for Rady Childrens Physician Management Services at their new San Diego facility.

Working with their team, our systems engineer was able to develop a quality hosted solution that met their needs and their budget.

We are happy to welcome the entire RCPM team to our growing list of physician services clients!