Video Integration: Can Cumbersome become Intuitive?

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More often than not, organizations implement Card Access & Video Surveillance to secure their facility or business, and miss the opportunity to optimize the two systems via integration.

Efficient (fast) security investigations combine access control data with relevant video, all within a single unified interface.

Budgets can prevent a thorough consideration of system optimization, or there may be separate corporate stakeholders responsible for different security systems. It is also common for a decision-maker to “inherit” the responsibility for a company’s security systems without any prior experience with the products, options or latest industry trends. Our team has seen it all, and we do our best to educate and help clients understand the benefits of each system that is being considered.

For those customers fortunate to enjoy a fast-growing business, it is often difficult to appreciate the benefits their thriving company will receive through efficient (fast) security investigations.

Below are just a few “examples” of security investigations we have assisted with over the years:

        • damages to vehicles in a crowded corporate parking lot
        • vehicles parking where they should not
        • missing personal property in a large cubicle setting
        • Damaged or missing equipment in a secure room
        • Fraudulent employee time cards
        • Claims of physical intimidation or other inappropriate behavior
        • “Lost” packages after verified deliveries
        • Breaking/Entering robberies and theft
        • Mis-use of dangerous equipment
        • Failure to follow OSHA regulations
        • Failure to follow compliance guidelines in a Lab environment
        • Unauthorized access to restricted areas
        • Unauthorized access to a building

ALL of these incidents are disruptive to a company, facility or campus, and some are either illegal, reckless, dangerous or represent serious liability that demands a prompt and serious investigation.

In virtually every case an integrated card access and CCTV (Video) system helps conduct a prompt investigation/documentation process.

What does “integration” mean?

Simply put, “integration” means that your card access system and your CCTV system provide supportive incident information and verification without having to use each system separately.

      • An “Access Denied” Alert is received from a card access system on Sunday @ 2:50PM for attempted entry to Loading Dock Entry Door.
      • Review the Access Control log on mobile phone app to view the Access Denied “alert” and press the “CCTV” icon to view “associated” video.
      • The associated video quickly determines/confirms what generated the “Access Denied” alert without using two systems independently.
      • An email containing the video record is sent to management for review

In this case, the video recording and access control data merge to increase your security posture and streamline operations or investigations.

We partner with several platforms that provide integrated video, card access and intrusion alarm systems. Links to their sites are provided below.

BRIVO Card Access and OpenEye CCTV

Alta Card Access and AVA CCTV

To learn more about integrated CCTV/Card Access solutions, please CONTACT US.

Our goal is educate and provide options.
We help make the Cumbersome become Intuitive.