Case Studies

Campus Solutions

University with three separate campuses spread out over a 20-mile area facing difficult security challenges. Staff unable to effectively monitor and protect widespread areas using traditional patrols. Costly equipment and items were being stolen from newly renovated “smart” classrooms, and loitering and vandalism quickly escalated to a point where security costs rose to unacceptable levels…

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Virtual Doorman

Each non-resident entering the building is required to call in and provide identification as well as information about who they’re visiting. On-site guards contacted for violations or unauthorized entry. Reports provided to management showing the number of visitors per resident, frequency of visits, and other valuable information…

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Car Dealerships

Chain of prominent dealerships in Florida was struggling with after-hours security risks at various locations. Several instances of theft, vandalism, trespassing, and other undesired activity. Existing monitoring company proved ineffective and non-communicative. Live guards were expensive and only proved to be moderately effective…

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