Customized Solutions for Your Business

Life Sciences / Medical Devices / Pharmatech / GMP / Biotech

Reduce risk, increase security and enforce compliance.

With over 7 active San Diego clients, CCS is a leading vendor for San Diego’s thriving Life Sciences industries. We understand the importance of the science that is underway in our client’s labs. We have effective security solutions that help our customers address DEA compliance and FDA requirements.

Commercial / Industrial

Extensive experience with commercial/industrial clients. We work closely with building owners, tenants, property managers and General Contractors to develop effective solutions to security challenges.

Small Business

As a small business ourselves, CCS works well with other small businesses. We know how a small business operates, and we understand the pressures that small business owners encounter. We can demonstrate powerful ROI scenarios for our customers and work within prescribed budgets.

Government & Municipalities

Based in San Diego, CCS has developed an excellent relationship with the US Military. We understand the purchasing cycle and administrative requirements of this market segment. We have worked closely with the City of San Diego and the County of San Diego for over a decade.

Homeowner Associations (HOA)

HOAs and COAs have their own set of specific needs, often revolving around common area security and control of un-authorized “guests” to facilities. We have worked with hundreds of associations to develop the “right” security solution. We recognize that decisions are a process and can involve multiple presentations to an HOA Board.

That’s OK. We do that!

Property Management

Behind every quality commercial building is a hard-working commercial property manager.

We understand your business and your pressures. We know how important it is to maintain occupancy levels and maximize tenant satisfaction. Our goal is to make you and your firm look good to your tenants. For over twenty years we have worked with property management firms on a daily basis. Our Managed Access Control platform has evolved into one of the most innovative and powerful tools in the marketplace for commercial property managers.