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Service is the foundation of our company

We recognized long ago that the best system installation in the world “falls down” eventually without professional follow-up service. Unfortunately in today’s world, service often takes a back-seat to pressure for new sales.

That’s not the way we work.

Without measurable performance data, it’s almost impossible to improve.

At CCS we do things differently. And while we may not be perfect all the time, we strive for perfection each and every day. Our service department has concrete measurable performance goals including:

  • Amount of time customers are on hold
  • Time required for a technician to arrive on site
  • Time required to fully resolve an original service problem
  • Accuracy of invoices

Our Commitment to You

Years ago we made a strategic decision to increase the size of our service department to pursue an under-served market in the Life Safety industry.  We have a dedicated group whose commitment is to restore your belief in America’s ability to provide quality, professional service.

Are You Ready for a Change?

To schedule service for one of your security systems, learn more information about our innovative test and inspection program, or learn more information about our extended warranty program, contact us today!

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