• Do You Have 24/7 Live Monitoring For Your Lab Equipment?

    Did you know that your lab equipment can be connected to and monitored by your existing burglar alarm system? The last thing a researcher or lab manager wants to find out is that a freezer, refrigerator, or incubator has failed overnight and ruined precious specimens, samples, etc., as well as the loss of countless hours of […]

  • Should I Replace My Old CCTV System Or Upgrade To HD-Over-Coax?

    If you have an existing CCTV system utilizing coaxial cable and are considering paying your security service provider to replace the whole system, you may want to re-consider. Depending on your needs, you may be just fine utilizing HD-over-Coax technology. This will allow you to re-use the existing cabling which often times can be a […]

  • StoneCrest office campus adopts Hattrix Hosted Solution

    We are happy to commence work on a security upgrade of the four-building StoneCrest office campus from a failing legacy Card Access system to a new Kantech  hosted solution. The system will help the new property management manage security more efficiently and securely.

  • Common Questions About Commercial Fire Alarm Systems

    1. Am I required to have a fire alarm monitoring system? Maybe. Whether or not your facility legally requires a fire alarm system depends on occupancy type and several other critical variables. Generally speaking, your building either has an existing fire alarm system or you will be required by code to have one installed prior […]

  • The difference between standard and encrypted access cards

    by Charles Baker, CEO California Commercial Security Critical improvements in security technology prevent the duplication of access cards   Standard Access Cards: The tried & true proximity technology inside standard cards and key fobs is an old method using a unidirectional relationship between an access credential (card or fob) and a proximity reader. When a […]

  • The Copper Landline Phase Out Is Coming

    by Ken Robison, Vice President, COO California Commercial Security The Age of Copper is Coming to an End Under AB 2395, phone companies have until 2020 to educate the public about alternative phone services when they will be allowed to discontinue service to copper landlines as long as there are alternate sources available in the […]

  • Does a Video Surveillance System Help?

    by Charlie Baker, CEO California Commercial Security Video Surveillance As Part Of A Comprehensive Security Plan   A well-designed video surveillance system can serve as an effective deterrent and also provide vital forensic information after an incident. A quality HD system may also provide valuable insights that influence important operational and functional changes. Following are […]

  • Four Reasons a Life Science Startup Needs Access Control

    by Charlie Baker, CEO California Commercial Security The Life Science Security Struggle When you work at a startup, the entire team comes in every day with a laser focus on one thing—developing the next medical breakthrough. With such a strong focus on your core objective, it’s easy to put off or neglect other essential aspects […]

  • Take advantage of the NEW $1 million tax benefit by investing in security and life safety measures

    Are you eligible for $1million in tax deductions? Businesses have been always been able to deduct business-related equipment placed in service, but security systems did not qualify – now they do. Beginning in 2018, the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act  allows qualifying businesses to deduct the full cost of new “Security and Fire Protections Systems,”up to $1 […]

  • CCS & Fairway Technologies

    We are pleased to announce that California Commercial Security has been selected by Fairway Technologies, a software development firm based in Irvine with a second office in San Diego, to provide their security integration solutions. Working with the Fairway Technologies team, CCS System Sales Engineer Emma Bowlin was able to devise a security solution tailored […]