Proximity Technology is a security threat……..

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Security Threats Never Sleep…… Over the past five years a little-known security threat emerged that affects all companies & organizations that still use 125Khz “proximity“ card technology. Any organization whose employees use standard proximity ID badges or key fobs to gain access to parking, buildings, labs, clean rooms, or ...
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6 Ways Environmental & Process Monitoring Protect & Optimize Your Operations

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  Your security system can do so much more than just video surveillance and access control. Compared to burglary and fire alarm services, process monitoring isn’t as well known or as frequently offered.    What is security system process monitoring? Process monitoring, sometimes it’s also called environmental monitoring, is a ...
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This Service Reduces False Alarms & Prioritizes The Alarm Response You Receive

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  When you lock up your business for the night and activate the alarm system, you walk away expecting everything to be secure. In the event of a break-in, you expect the alarm to be activated, followed by an immediate response from local authorities, who should arrive on-site and resolve any adverse situations.  Unfortunately, this […]
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IMPORTANT NOTICE: Your Security System Cellular Devices May Stop Working

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  IMPORTANT NOTICE: ATT has scheduled 3G communications to end on February 22nd, 2022. Your Fire and Burglar Alarm system needs to be upgraded to avoid disconnection.    Although your alarm system’s 3G communicator may be working perfectly right now, you should be aware that “the end is near” for that technology.. Most fire, life ...
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Why Service Agreements Are Important

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Choosing an Integrator to install a security system goes beyond the design and installation. End-users should expect to have some regular maintenance throughout the lifetime of the system.    A state-of-the-art, sophisticated security system needs a degree of attention and TLC for as long as the system is active and in use. After all, ...
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Why You Should Upgrade To HD Video Surveillance

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Why You Should Upgrade To HD Video Surveillance If you’re still operating an analog or digital video surveillance system that isn’t high definition (HD), it is a great time to upgrade. A true HD video surveillance system delivers new levels of video quality that reflect current industry standards and delivers truly detailed video feeds that ...
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HID Introduces SIGNO Readers

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HID Introduces SIGNO Readers With the HID iClass readers reaching the end of their life cycle, HID has introduced SIGNO, its exciting new signature line offering an unparalleled breadth of functionality and supporting the widest array of credential technologies. HID SIGNO™ sets the industry standard in versatility, performance, and connected ...
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