Is OpenPath the Right Access Control System for You?

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Is OpenPath the Right Access Control System for You?

Choosing an access control system for your space is an important decision. Not only is it an investment in security and protecting assets, but it is also an investment in the efficiency of your space. The right solution is your first line of defense against keeping unauthorized individuals out of spaces they shouldn’t be while providing seamless access to those that need it. This is why CCS is now an authorized dealer of the OpenPath platform.

OpenPath is an agile mobile access control solution that strengthens security, reduces costs, and improves building experience and efficiency. As a “new technology” business, the OpenPath engineering team is constantly responding to end-user and market needs. This work is reflected in their innovative feature sets.

Here are just a few of the features and advantages.

Touchless Access

OpenPath offers keyless, contactless, and convenient mobile access (you can even use your smart watch). Its flexible access control method includes mobile app, hands-free entry, encrypted credentials, and guest passes. Openpath’s patented Triple Unlock technology means a faster unlock, without ever worrying about Internet outages or weak cell service.


OpenPath centralizes security management with robust cloud-based software scalable for thousands of users across multiple locations.

Native Occupancy Tracking

With real-time access tracking and audit trails, Openpath’s cloud-based architecture integrates with occupancy sensors, capacity counters, and more software for a more robust occupancy tracking solution.

Open API Architecture

Another huge advantage is that OpenPath is built on an open platform. It seamlessly integrates with other systems, including video surveillance, tenant platforms, visitor management, and most industry-leading user directory tools.

Custom Dashboards

No matter the size of the organization, security monitoring is made easy with OpenPath’s custom dashboard. The custom dashboard feature improves visibility and control across all entries, sites, and locations, providing instant access to the most relevant data from anywhere, on any device.

Choosing the right access control system seems like an overwhelming and impossible task, but it doesn’t need to be. OpenPath’s open architecture and ability to meet the needs of any size facility make it a clear choice. For more information about OpenPath or other security technologies, call CCS Today! (800)-286-2555


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