Proximity Technology is a security threat……..

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Security Threats Never Sleep……

Over the past five years a little-known security threat emerged that affects all companies & organizations that still use 125Khz “proximity“ card technology. Any organization whose employees use standard proximity ID badges or key fobs to gain access to parking, buildings, labs, clean rooms, or file rooms is at risk of unauthorized entry. If your organization is using “credentials” older than 5 years, this information should be very relevant to you.

Duplication Kiosks.
Not just for “keys” anymore…..step right up!

The card proximity technology that has been the industry standard for over 25 years has been compromised through the introduction of fully-legal self-service key duplication “kiosks”. The kiosks are typically installed at convenience stores, supermarkets and other locations in virtually every American City. The kiosks offer an inexpensive and easy-to-use service that provides duplicates of ID cards and key fobs.

As with standard “house keys” the self-service “Key Kiosk” allows individuals to create duplicates of their own proximity access credential without permission. Consequently, they can share access with unauthorized individuals or maintain access after their original card has been returned. The “key kiosks” also enable vendors, for example, to create card duplicates if given a temporary credential. There is no verification of the user against the identity on the card—and no notification to the card issuer of a duplication.

Your card access control system cannot differentiate between original cards and duplicates, so there is no easy way to determine if copies any have been made or are in use.

The Consequences

The ability to easily copy standard proximity cards or key fobs completely undermines the intent and security of card access systems. The duplicates increase your risk of break-ins, theft, and unauthorized access to restricted areas.  They also make card access auditing records unreliable. Because the authentic connection between an individual and their “unique” card is no longer guaranteed, you can’t fully trust the accuracy of the system’s card usage “audit trail.” This is a problem.

High Frequency Solutions

Fortunately, the security industry has already introduced newer advanced “high-frequency” technology that renders these duplication kiosks useless, and maintains the same security of the badge or key-fob access system. This technology greatly improves the security of contactless communications and prevents the easy duplication of credentials.

To better understand your potential risk, and to learn more about available solutions, contact CCS—a BioCom vendor who has secured the Southern California and Phoenix, AZ communities for nearly 30 years.