6 Ways Environmental & Process Monitoring Protect & Optimize Your Operations

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Your security system can do so much more than just video surveillance and access control. Compared to burglary and fire alarm services, process monitoring isn’t as well known or as frequently offered. 


What is security system process monitoring?

Process monitoring, sometimes it’s also called environmental monitoring, is a security system service that can help your organization:


  • Reduce the risk of damage to inventory and equipment 
  • Protect personnel and property from dangerous situations 
  • Optimize both human & machine performance with fewer labor burdens 


So you can fully understand what process monitoring is and how it works, we’ll explain individual features and services available to you when you choose to deploy these security services at your facility.


What Can Be Monitored?


1. Flood Detection

Receive immediate alerts to the presence of water where water shouldn’t be. Get ahead of catastrophic flooding damage by moving inventory and equipment out of affected areas. 


2. Natural Gas and Carbon Monoxide Detection (CO)

The threat of carbon monoxide and other hazardous natural gases could be fatal if the necessary steps to prevent disaster aren’t taken. When working with the right security provider, you’ll have access to advanced detection equipment, that’ll sound alarms when natural gases reach dangerous levels.


3. Temperature Monitoring

Inventory, such as life science supplies or pharmaceuticals, that require storage at a specific temperature range can be continuously protected from damage. This type of monitoring can also help you maintain perishable foods and ensure that your machinery and staff are working at safe ambient temperatures.


4. Power Monitoring

Failures of power supply can bring your business to a screeching halt for hours or even days at a time, costing you in wasted resources. Automate monitoring of your power supply systems, get alerts to anomalies on inconsistencies so you can immediately address any problems and mitigate as needed. 


5. Run State Monitoring and Control

You can monitor a specific piece of equipment or a process throughout its run-state and take time stamps for usage in reporting and analytics. This can help you increase operational efficiency, avoiding or rescheduling machine downtime due to malfunctions or overuse. 


6. Pressure Monitoring and Control

Pressure can be an incredibly dangerous aspect of industrial processes, potentially causing damage to equipment and injuring operators if not carefully monitored and controlled. Utilize pressure monitoring to safeguard team members with enough of a fair warning should the pressure build-up ever pose a threat to machinery or safe working conditions. 


Any of the above process monitoring features can be added to your system at any of your greater San Diego, California locations. These features can be integrated along with other safety and security layers such as: 



Are You Ready To Optimize Your Facility Processes?

Avoiding a major financial loss due to just a single incident would be enough to justify investing in process monitoring. With just a few processes monitored, your company can become more productive than ever before. The absence of process monitoring could mean losing skilled workers due to injury or not attracting top talent to fill positions due to unsafe working conditions. 

Additionally, without adequate safety and security systems in place, legal liability exposure could rise to overly burdensome amounts.


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