Why You Should Upgrade To HD Video Surveillance

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Why You Should Upgrade To HD Video Surveillance

If you’re still operating an analog or digital video surveillance system that isn’t high definition (HD), it is a great time to upgrade. A true HD video surveillance system delivers new levels of video quality that reflect current industry standards and delivers truly detailed video feeds that will increase and optimize your business’ security position.


Does it Matter If My System is Analog or Digital?


We know that many of our customers still operate digital systems, and we recognize that many businesses may not believe they have the need nor the necessary infrastructure for a system upgrade. We’ll never try to push a solution that you don’t actually need. The fact is that with the maturity of the HD digital surveillance industry analog equipment has become more expensive and more difficult to purchase. The good news is that existing analog video surveillance infrastructures can accommodate HD upgrades. This means that you can achieve HD quality video without running new wire to each existing camera location.



Digital CCTV systems are the dominant product in the video surveillance industry. These incredible cameras and video-management-systems deliver improved fields of view, amazing video resolution via higher megapixel technologies, and a broad range of video-anaytics options that replace previously “dumb” analog cameras with pro-actively “smart” IP-based camera solutions.

Due to a large increase in video resolution combined with the decreased costs of disk storage, today’s digital surveillance systems capture and store more valuable footage. The additional increased quality & resolution is especially valuable when investigating losses, vandalism, theft and employee behavior.


Why HD Is Your Best Bet

When it comes to security, today’s high resolution, accurate color, and improved frame rates are essential to ensure that surveillance video can be used both for monitoring, preventative surveillance, and for evidence during a criminal investigation.

A professionally engineered and installed HD surveillance system enables businesses to better leverage their video surveillance investment by providing a level of detail and sophistication that until recently has not been accessible to the broader commercial market. You simply can’t argue with crystal clear evidence. 

Whether you’re operating analog or digital, upgrading to an HD video surveillance system will allow you to benefit the most from video surveillance.

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