Why Professional Security is Better than DIY Security

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Why Professional Security is Better than DIY Security   Whether you’re scrolling through social media or shopping on websites like Costco or Amazon, you’ve seen tons of ads boasting the reliability and convenience of popular Do-it-Yourself (DIY) (or self-installed) security systems. We know that one-size-fits-all solutions may do the ...
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The Transition To 5G Has Already Begun

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The Transition To LTE/5G Has Begun. Is your Business Still Secure? Shifts in technology are ongoing and inevitable. As each new “generation” of technology is introduced, older technologies are retired. The current transition to LTE (Long Term Evolution) and 5G means eliminating 3G services, with 4G not far behind. 3G and 4G technology have ...
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Launch Your Access Control System Into The Clouds

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Top 5 Benefits Of A Cloud-based Access Control System When it comes to managing your access control, we all want to work smart with speed and efficiency while minimizing the steps to gain control of an office or facility. Whether you have two doors or two hundred, one building or fifty buildings, managing who enters […]
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Keep Your Business Open and Compliant During COVID-19 With These 8 Security Upgrades

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Commercial businesses nationwide have undergone major transitions in safety and operations as they’ve adapted to revised health procedures and guidelines brought about by COVID-19. The California Department of Public Health has compiled a series of guidance documents for businesses and communities. While things may look different now, there ...
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The Retirement of Copper Makes Way for Next-Generation Networks

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Technology is always improving to make way for faster, more efficient ways of communication. However, in order to make way for the newer generation, the older tech must be retired. An important transition already in the works is the move from older copper-based phone lines to networks running on wireless and fiber. Cutting the Wires […]
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You’ve heard a lot about fever scanning systems, but is it all just hype? | Let’s review the facts.

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As COVID-19 lockdown restrictions begin to lift, the risk/liability of violating health guidelines intended to prevent the further spread of the virus could threaten reopening efforts. Whether you’re a facility manager, lab manager, or a business owner, getting your employees back to work at your facility probably includes new practices and ...
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