3 Steps To Protect Your Business From Fire

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3 Steps To Protect Your Business From Fire


As vaccinations continue to roll out across the U.S., bringing your employees and customers back to your commercial space is top-of-mind. Now is an excellent time to evaluate your present fire alarm system. If a fire occurs, it will be enormously disruptive at the very least and has the potential to destroy your entire business.


Your fire alarm and fire sprinkler monitoring system is crucial to the protection of your commercial space. This system protects your building assets, employees, and even your customers from the catastrophic impact of fire.


When fire strikes, it has the potential to destroy not only one structure but also adjacent structures in just a matter of hours or even minutes. 


3 Steps To Protect Your Business From Fire

There are several steps you can take to protect your commercial space as much as possible. These measures include:

  1. Conduct a fire risk assessment on the property.
    Assess every aspect of your facility, from structure to usage, and familiarize yourself with local fire codes. 
  2. Consider a fire and life safety system professionally designed and installed.
    Systems could include a monitored sprinkler system, a monitored fire/smoke/evacuation system, fire extinguishers, and properly placed, illuminated exit signage for customers and employees to exit the facility safely in the event of such an emergency.
  3. Develop and document a fire safety and evacuation plan for building inhabitants (tenants and employees) and conduct periodic training. 


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