Why Professional Security is Better than DIY Security

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Why Professional Security is Better than DIY Security


Whether you’re scrolling through social media or shopping on websites like Costco or Amazon, you’ve seen tons of ads boasting the reliability and convenience of popular Do-it-Yourself (DIY) (or self-installed) security systems. We know that one-size-fits-all solutions may do the trick in some limited applications. Still, we cannot stress enough how much better it is to have a professionally designed, installed, and monitored security system for your business.


They’re Not Actually Budget-Friendly

Look, we completely get it! Maybe you’re a small business on a budget, or you need to cut business costs due to the pandemic. DIY security systems might seem like a budget-friendly option. But when commercial security threats “get real,” these systems are typically not as comprehensive or dependable as a professionally installed and monitored solution — meaning potential losses from vandalism, theft, or other incidents. A custom-designed security system specially engineered for your space and your needs is always the better option. At CCS, we believe there is no such thing as one-size-fits-all, so there’s no way a basic DIY solution can stand up to your company’s unique security needs.


DIY Can’t Stand Up To The Task

The truth is that DIY security systems are primarily engineered for the enormous residential market—not commercial facilities or even small business needs. Unlike professionally designed systems, DIY solutions can’t capture all of the detailed information required for accountability and liability purposes because video surveillance is relatively limited with basic cameras and recording equipment. Access control is even more limited in DIY systems. While they are capable of notifying of a breach with a video clip sent to the owner’s smartphone, the lack of professional monitoring and analytical insights leaves them on their own to contact authorities or figure out what to do in the event there is an actual break-in or another incident.


When you choose a professionally installed system from CCS, you’ll always have:


Unmatched & Ongoing Support

We hate to break it to you, but there’s nobody there to support you once you install a DIY system. Many of our existing customers switched to us from DIY options. Nearly all of them reported feeling like they had to jump through hoops when reaching out to customer support via email or phone call. With CCS, we’re always available to assist you with questions, troubleshooting, upgrades as needs and technologies change, or if you add space or new locations. 


Access to Industry Experts

As the COVID-19 pandemic rocked every industry last year and has carried that impact into this year, your commercial space and needs have likely evolved as you adapted to the new environment. CCS designs & installs systems that match your evolving needs. Our management team, consultants, engineers, sales team, and technicians will keep you informed of emerging security trends that may affect your business now and in the future. 


A DIY security solution may make you feel like you’re protected. But a professionally installed security system engineered specifically for your business can mean the difference between actual protection and a false sense of security. We’ve served a sophisticated and specialized clientele with high-security needs for 25 years. When you choose to work with us, we’ll make sure that you’re provided with comprehensive protection that meets your business needs. 


CCS. Our expertise. Your Peace of Mind.

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