Our Top Picks for Cloud-Based Access Control

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Our Top Picks for Cloud-Based Access Control

In last month’s article, we discussed the Top 5 Benefits Of A Cloud-based Access Control System. It’s widely accepted that transitioning security measures to the cloud is a more tech-savvy, cost-effective, and efficient way to manage your business or facility’s security needs. This is especially the case when it comes to cloud-based access control systems, which enable users to use features like remote monitoring and management, cloud storage, end-to-end support, and real-time alerts. 

At CCS, our focus is to provide solutions designed and engineered to address your business’ operational needs and specifications. We take the necessary time to learn about your business operations, goals, and expected capabilities from your integrated security system. 

When it comes to cloud-based access control solutions, we stand behind manufacturers like Hattrix, Openpath, and Feenics because they offer some of the best features available in cloud solutions.



Used by many of our clients who have made the switch to cloud-based access control, a Hattrix solution unifies your access control security experience so you can monitor your business from anywhere at any time.

What we love about Hattrix’s Cloud-based Access Control: Reliability

  • Time-tested reliable hardware & software with proven results
  • Enormous customer satisfaction due to easy-to-use software
  • Integration with Exacq Hi-Def Video systems
  • Integration with DSC Intrusion Alarm systems
  • Choose between Fully Managed or Hosted-Only options
  • No infrastructure or software purchases or maintenance
  • Remote management from mobile devices


An important feature to emphasize about Hattrix is that you have a choice between fully managed or hosted options. When your access control is fully managed, you’re provided with a turn-key solution fully managed by our dedicated team of trained industry professionals. 

However, if you’re more on the tech-savvy side and want more control, you can choose the hosted option. You’re in control of the day to day operation of your system. You can complete this work from your office PC, your phone, your laptop….anywhere you have internet connectivity.



Just like Hattrix, OpenPath offers cloud-based access control with many similar features. We especially like the system’s end-to-end security encryption between card readers and the “brain” of the system. You can also choose between mobile-credentials with hands-free touchless entry, a mobile app, and smartwatch credentials. You’ll be able to activate a lockdown plan and even grant temporary “guest access” instantly from any mobile device. 

As a newer entrant in the Access Control space, OpenPath has embraced an “open” approach to integration with common apps likes Zapier, Envoy (Visitor Management), Milestone (CCTV), G-Suite & MS Active Directory, Slack, and Butterfly (Video Intercom). More application integrations are constantly underway, making OpenPath a tech-savvy choice for clients.

What we love about OpenPath’s Cloud-Based Access Control: Innovation

  • Frictionless/touchless access by using your mobile phone
  • No software or servers to install or manage
  • Integration with smart-office applications
  • Easy deployment of mobile credentials via email
  • Grant temporary access to vendors or visitors via SMS or email



The Feenics cloud-based solution offers a robust hardware backbone using industry-standard non-proprietary controllers by Mercury. Like OpenPath, the Feenics system offers OSDP encryption between card readers and the “brain” of the system. Users who have a legacy Mercury based access system may be able to upgrade to the Feenics cloud-based system without replacing expensive controllers.

Feenics offers robust enterprise-level capabilities that are perfect for a small site with plans for multi-site growth or enterprise clients attracted by an upgrade path from their existing Mercury-based access system to a cloud-based platform—without tearing out hardware. Thanks to its powerful Mercury panel platform, the Feenics solution can be customized to handle nearly any complex solution that a client may have.

What we love about the Feenics Cloud-Based Access Control: Enterprise-Ready

  • Non-proprietary control panels
  • Upgrade path for existing Mercury hardware
  • Powerful enterprise-level integrations
  • No software or servers to install or manage
  • Excellent Customer support
  • EXTREME scalability
  • Reliable-Scalable-Available


We’re Here to Bring you to the Cloud

As more and more businesses and facilities continue to upgrade their access control systems to the cloud this year, we’re here to help you select the solution that works best for you. If any of the Hattrix, OpenPath, or Feenics features look like the right “fit” for you, let’s talk about how these systems might be the key to taking your business security to the next level. We take the time to learn about your needs to formulate a custom solution.

CCS. Our expertise. Your Peace of Mind.

To learn more about cloud-based access control solutions, reach out to California Commercial Security (CCS) at (800) 286-2555 today.