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Meeting the Security Needs of All Business Types

We offer systems & solutions to meet the requirements of all business types. The proper security system means the best products available on the market and the best follow-up service from our service team. We are dedicated to answering your questions, solving problems, and ensuring that your commercial location remains as secure as possible.

  • Electronic systems: From card access systems to fire alarms, we proactively inspect and evaluate all types of security systems
  • Doors and hardware: Properly functioning doors and locking hardware are a critical component to your security, and they require ongoing preventive maintenance. Our Test and Inspection programs ensure that your systems are operating correctly, all the time.
  • Test and inspection: Even the best system installation will eventually “fall down” without the proper follow-up service. We ensure your system functions smoothly with testing and inspection services.

To learn more about our services or schedule your free consultation, call us at (800) 286-2555 to discuss our San Diego security systems and solutions.

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