The Copper Landline Phase Out Is Coming

by Ken Robison, Vice President, COO California Commercial Security

The Age of Copper is Coming to an End

Under AB 2395, phone companies have until 2020 to educate the public about alternative phone services when they will be allowed to discontinue service to copper landlines as long as there are alternate sources available in the area. Even before 2020, many copper lines are experiencing degradation and sometimes even complete loss of service. This has serious implications for any fire or burglar alarm system that is utilizing standard POTS telephone lines for communications.

Although there is still two years left until copper phone lines will be almost entirely removed from service, it is never too early to start investigating alternatives. Landlines can be unreliable, and anything from lightning and fires to simple degradation of infrastructure can cause extended periods without service. The infrastructure for copper landlines has been deteriorating as telecommunications providers invest the bare minimum and employ fewer linemen to keep this dying network going until 2020.

What can you do?

California Commercial Security offers multiple service upgrades that are more reliable than the degrading landline network. Your system can be upgraded with a cellular communicator, a network communicator, or a dual path communicator which employs both cellular and network communications.  CCS has served the San Diego business community for nearly 25 years and we have upgraded numerous systems for our clients. If you’re interested in learning more about alternative communication services for your facility, please give us a call (800-286-2555) or contact us here.

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