Does a Video Surveillance System Help?

by Charlie Baker, CEO California Commercial Security

Video Surveillance As Part Of A Comprehensive Security Plan


A well-designed video surveillance system can serve as an effective deterrent and also provide vital forensic information after an incident. A quality HD system may also provide valuable insights that influence important operational and functional changes. Following are several additional advantages provided by our video surveillance system including some that you might not have been aware of.

1. Entry/Exit Security

An ideal location for visual deterrence is at your facility’s entry and exit points. Prominently placed cameras provide a clear deterrent for any potential thieves and also communicate a positive atmosphere of security to customers, clients, and employees. Cameras at these locations add an extra layer of security to an access control system.

2. Record-Keeping And Audit Trails 

A video surveillance system maintains a helpful video audit trail of entry and exit information so that you know who entering and exiting your facility. When used in conjunction with other security systems like access control, video records can also be reviewed and compared to see who was present during an incident. A video record may be a component of compliance requirements for your industry or company.

3. Foster Compliance And Efficiency

IP-networked video surveillance systems can be placed in warehouses and backrooms to support an organization’s ability to effectively manage business operations and increase efficiency. Beyond deterring theft, these systems can help businesses ensure that employees are following safety protocols and working effectively as well as provide a record should liability become an issue.


California Commercial Security has served the San Diego community for nearly 25 years and we have installed thousands of cameras serving many hundreds of clients. If you’re interested in learning more about video surveillance for your facility, please give us a call (800-286-2555) or contact us here.

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