Launch Your Access Control System Into The Clouds

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Top 5 Benefits Of A Cloud-based Access Control System When it comes to managing your access control, we all want to work smart with speed and efficiency while minimizing the steps to gain control of an office or facility. Whether you have two doors or two hundred, one building or fifty buildings, managing who enters […]
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Keep Your Business Open and Compliant During COVID-19 With These 8 Security Upgrades

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Commercial businesses nationwide have undergone major transitions in safety and operations as they’ve adapted to revised health procedures and guidelines brought about by COVID-19. The California Department of Public Health has compiled a series of guidance documents for businesses and communities. While things may look different now, there ...
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The End of 3G is Not an Off-Switch: It’s Already Started

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Shifts in cellular technology are ongoing and it is likely they always will be. As each new technology or “generation” is introduced—for example, “5G”—older technologies are retired to make room. The current 5G cellular roll-out means the shutdown of 3G services, a process started in 2019. 3G technology has been the communications backbone for ...
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You’ve heard a lot about fever scanning systems, but is it all just hype? | Let’s review the facts.

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As COVID-19 lockdown restrictions begin to lift, the risk/liability of violating health guidelines intended to prevent the further spread of the virus could threaten reopening efforts. Whether you’re a facility manager, lab manager, or a business owner, getting your employees back to work at your facility probably includes new practices and ...
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Commercial Security Amid COVID-19 | San Diego Security Systems

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  With current health concerns surrounding the COVID virus spreading throughout much of the world, many businesses are having to adjust operations, reduce hours and staffing, and leave businesses unattended for longer periods. Unfortunately, these changes can mean that businesses are more vulnerable to crimes such as theft and vandalism. ...
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Top Questions to Ask When Installing Access Control Systems in Multiple Locations

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  Controlling and managing who goes in and out of your office in multiple locations can turn into a real headache. Providing the right access at the right time under a role-specific criteria enables you to not only protect your facility and people, but assets such as your intellectual property or proprietary technologies. The ability […]
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IR and Visible Lighting: Seeing in the dark…and the light

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  Video surveillance in areas with minimal light is a major concern for any installation, and many entry level cameras require sufficient ambient lighting to produce high definition/high resolution images. Of course, surveillance cameras are often needed in areas that may lack ideal illumination. Despite sensors optimized for low-light ...
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Essential Checklist: Is Your Network Infrastructure Ready for Winter?

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  With temperatures continuing to dip, winter is well on its way and in some parts, it’s already here. It’s also the time of year when fire departments from coast to coast see surges in fire-related incidents from both residential and commercial buildings. Whether you’re a business owner or facility manager, staying abreast of the […]
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